Note: we’ll be updating this page regularly. Please share this information!

  • Hub Café reopened for reduced hours from 22nd September 2020 – see details and safety information; Café is closed for the current lockdown period
  • Limited bookings for use of rooms are again being taken; no bookings will be taken for the current lockdown period
  • Please join us for a weekly time of contemplation on our YouTube Channel
  • Please use our Contact form to get in touch for any reason

We’re in touch with the Parish Councils and Horsham District Council as well as the Medical Centre and others to try and ensure that we work together through this period to support the more vulnerable. Follow Community Hub Response on Facebook for more information.

It might be that those we think are vulnerable are surprisingly resilient and those we thought might be able to cope aren’t coping as well as they thought they might; be aware of those around you, and don’t assume anything.