Look up at the sky. There is a light, a beauty up there, that no shadow can touch.
J. R. R. Tolkien

This week I’ve actually carved out space to go for a proper walk! Such  a simple pleasure –so why did I take so long to make such a simple thing that I really enjoy a priority? That’s not to say I haven’t been out walking – for my occasional-not-daily- exercise, I have; but squished it in between other stuff on my to-do list (and because the dog needed it).  And usually I have spent those times thinking about where else I ought to be or what else I ought to  be doing instead. This walk was different. I chose to go, made time to go, left the dog at home and took time to enjoy where I was, the scenery, and the friend with whom I walked…

While on my walk I took a moment to stop … and look up. The photo above is was my view. Sheltered by a canopy of tree tops, in the dappled shade, surrounded by stunning shades of every kind of green and focusing on a shaft of bright, warm sunlight. I found myself naturally taking a deep breath in, soaking in the reminder that Life itself is bigger than me: bigger than my circumstances, bigger than my thoughts and feelings, bigger than my to-do-list, bigger than my worries, bigger than my uncertainties, bigger than my concerns for others.

I think I have recently spent more time than ever just looking at what is right in front of me; mostly a computer or telephone screen, and if not those then ensuring that I have a 2m distance between myself and the next person I may possibly bump into as I walk down the street, along the riverbank or around the supermarket trying to get our grocery shop! It’s not a very sustainable way to carry on. There’s no sugar-coating the challenges lock-down life continues to bring, but what a different perspective we can find if we take a moment to look up.

For me it was a special moment of re-connection with a creator God who holds all things in His hands, and offers us real hope if we choose to look up to Him. Take a moment to step outside and look up today – create an opportunity to change your perspective. 

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