Read Acts chapter 16

v 31.  Paul said “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, along with everyone in your household.”

The Good News is for the whole household.

Many of our efforts through Church activities have been aimed at a particular segment of society. The Youth Club, The Women’s’ Meeting, Students, Seniors, Business people, and so on. This has sometimes resulted in divided families where only one member has come to faith and followed Jesus. It is very hard to live as the only Christian in a family or household, creating tensions and divided loyalties when it comes to planning for life. There can be little doubt that a household or family can be happily united in a desire to follow Jesus together, but that is rarely the norm today.


This raises two interesting questions in my mind.

First, is it possible to arrange church activities to be of benefit to whole households? What do such activities look like and are they attractive to people inhabiting our culture? Just maybe we have become way too individualistic as a society for this to be a realistic option. Even eating together, once at the heart of a household’s expression of unity, is becoming less and less frequent in the digital age.

The second question is even more basic – should we be in the business of trying to re-form the practices of our culture in order to rebuild something of significance in terms of household unity? We live in an age where loneliness is one of the most serious mental issues encountered.

The Million Pound question is what can we do to rebuild household unity – and is it even a concept worth rebuilding in our deeply fractured society?

Is it in the interests of God’s Kingdom to persevere with such a project?


Tuesday July 14 Hub Daily Notes