Read Acts chapter 17

v 29.  Paul said  ‘We shouldn’t think of God as an idol designed by craftsmen from gold or silver or stone.

Getting away from prioritising things of no lasting significance.

I very much doubt if many, if any, of us encounter people who seriously worship an idol in a religious sense. There are those who pray in front of statues or icons, and those who have their good luck charms to help them through difficult situations, but that is not to say they actually believe that ‘GOD’ (whatever that means for them) actually lives in the object they have in view. Does that mean Idolatry is a thing of the past? Certainly not!

Idolatry occurs when something or somebody occupies the central and lasting place in our affections. Its material shape or emotional grip on us can elevate it to the status of GOD. We think a lot about it (garden), we spend our time and money on it (car), and we protect it as the ‘significant other’ in our life (Bank Balance). We can feel bereft when separated from it (mobile phone) and distraught when it gets spoilt (designer clothes). To go without it is unthinkable (Holiday) and feel worthless if it is downgraded (Job status).

These are just some of the idols of our age, with our time, money and effort invested in them. We may even feel every bit as sophisticated as the intellectuals Paul encountered in Athens!

But in the end the Good News is about ‘the undeserved grace of God’ it calls all people to repent and follow Jesus. (v 30)  Get priorities right!

Wednesday July 15 Hub Daily Notes