Read Acts chapter 19

v 2. Paul asked  ‘Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?

A good question for every reader to answer and be sure about!

Early on in this, Paul’s third missionary journey, he arrived at Ephesus. He had visited there briefly, as we find in Acts 18:19-21. He had declined to stay for any length of time but promised to return later. (Acts 18:21) So then he kept his promise, only to discover some deficiency in what the Ephesians had been taught. They had missed out on teaching about the Holy Spirit, in fact they had never even heard there was a Holy Spirit! They had never been introduced to the third person of the Trinity. After being baptised in the Name of Jesus, with Paul laying hands on them, these Ephesian believers received the Holy Spirit and experienced something similar to that which the disciples had on the day of Pentecost. (v 6)

So a blunt question – when were you introduced to the Holy Spirit? Was it at your Baptism, some time later (as at Ephesus) – or even before you were baptised? There is no set pattern about that! Some of us (and I include myself) were followers of Jesus and it was only later that we were taught about the Holy Spirit. In fact I was already serving God as a Pastor when my eyes and my heart to the work of the indwelling Spirit. Life changed quite substantially at that point.

Come Holy Spirit, fill and transform the life of each one of your people, for your own glory, and the build your Kingdom among us. AMEN.

Friday July 17 Hub Daily Notes