Greetings to all readers as we make our final preparations for the Christmas season!

I want to wish you all a joyous Christmas, and that you will be aware of the presence of the living Christ in the here and now. Whatever your personal circumstances, his promise to be with you and walk with you through them remains as encouraging as ever.


How have you got on with the readings in December?

If any particular one has been thought provoking, I hope you will share it with me in some way, and if appropriate I will put it online for others to be encouraged by it.

Otherwise, this will be my final online communication with you in the Daily Notes from the Hub structure. I trust you have been looking for other forms of notes to read either in a printed format or that will find their way to your inboxes regularly. Peter has made a number of suggestions for you to follow up and I hope you will investigate them and continue with daily readings in the weeks ahead.

God wants to speak to us through his word as the Holy Spirit enlightens our understanding of what is written and applies it to our daily lives.

So every blessing in Christ be yours daily!


John Rowland

Daily Notes from The Hub