Welcome to church!

You don’t need to be a member to come to church. Neither do you need to be ‘good’. Everyone really is welcome. It’s a place where we come as we are, warts and all, to spend time with one another and with God.

Where, when and what to expect

The Hub is a place for you:

  • To know you are welcome
  • To feel part of the family
  • To come just as you are
  • To join us in making sense of the big questions of life

We’d love you to join us at The Hub Church on a Sunday morning in the Hub Café space.

The Sunday events all start at 10am. Here’s the pattern we normally adopt:

When there is a 5th Sunday, we do something really different like have lunch together or go for a family walk. Details will appear on the website so you’ll know what we’re up to.

Tea and coffee are available either during the service for CafeChurch or after the service on the other Sundays.

We are an informal church, so you can sit anywhere you like and wear whatever is comfortable for you. We worship a creative God who has made us a creative people. So each Sunday has its own flavour with a varied format and worship style.

HubKids is a space for all children to meet during our morning service, on the 2nd and 4th Sundays during part of the morning worship time. During CaféChurch sessions all children and young people take part in appropriate  activities together with rest of the church family.