What’s On July 2024

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Sunday 7 July    CaféChurch: 10am with Rick Goring

Sunday 14 July  Celebration: 10am     No longer strangers:  The Family

Sunday 21 July  CaféChurch: 10am     No longer strangers:  Outsiders Brought In

Sunday 28 July  Contemplation: 10am       No longer strangers:  By God’s Love

Growth groups meet: 15/16/17 July 29/30/31 July

Prayer & Praise at the Hub Tuesday 23 July 7.30-8.30pm

What’s On June 2024

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Sunday 2 June     CaféChurch: 10am  The God Who CALLS and is calling still

Sunday 9 June Celebration: 10am Leprosy Mission— Rev David Beazley

Sunday 16 June CaféChurch: 10am The God Who SEES and sees us still

Sunday 23 June Contemplation: 10am The God Who SAVES and is saving still

Sunday 30 June HUBFEST short walk 11am | Coffee 12noon | Bring your own Picnic 12.30pm

Growth groups meet: 10/11/12 June & 24/25/26 June

Prayer & Praise at the Hub Tuesday 18 June 7.30-8.30pm

What’s On May 2024

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Sunday 5 May CaféChurch: 10am CONNECTED: Belonging to one another in an age of individualism

Sunday 12 May   Celebration: 10am   Ascension Sunday

Growth groups meet 13/14/15 May

Sunday 19 May  Songs of Praise: 10am   PENTECOST: Let everything that has breath

Tuesday 21 May 7.30-9pm Church Members’ Meeting

Sunday 26 May  Contemplation: 10am     TRINITY: the three in one & one in three

Growth groups meet 27/28/29 May

What’s On April 2024

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Sunday 7 April CaféChurch: 10am CONNECTED: Belonging and Believing in a cynical world

Sunday 14 April Celebration: 10am CONNECTED: Belonging to God in a hope-starved world

Sunday 21 April CaféChurch: 10am CONNECTED: Loving others in a me-centred world

Sunday 28 April Contemplation: 10am CONNECTED: Being loved in a hyper-anxious world

Growth groups meet weeks commencing 14 April & 28 April

Prayer & Praise at the Hub Tuesday 23 April 7.30-8.30pm

What’s On March 2024

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Sunday 3 March
CaféChurch: 10am Lent3 — Jesus and the wisdom of the cross

Sunday 10 March
Celebration: 10am Lent4 — Jesus and the glory of the cross

Sunday 17 March
The Hub AGM 11am followed by Bring & Share lunch

Sunday 24 March
Contemplation: 10am Lent6 — Jesus: the King on a donkey

Holy Week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 7.30-8pm
Holy Week Reflections

Maundy Thursday 7.30-9pm
Tenebrae Service light supper, communion and reflections around the cross of Jesus— BOOKING ESSENTIAL www.thehubbeeding.org/tenebrae

Good Friday 11-11.30am
Café Pause — in the café

Easter Sunday

6.00am Sunrise service at Bramber Castle

10am Easter Celebration followed by egg rolling at Bramber Castle