What happens with my donation?

The money you give will be used by the local community hubs and a range of local charities and support services (including Horsham Matters) to support the most vulnerable people in our communities. They use the donations in various ways, including stocking food banks for those who need essential items, and providing mobile phones and numbers for helplines.

Local People Helping Local People

Your donation means volunteers will not be ‘out of pocket’ as a result of the help they provide to the vulnerable and self-isolating living within our District.

Your donation will also help keep the Horsham District Foodbank stocked, enabling us to help more people in need.

Funds will be used for:

  • supplies of food/other items on behalf of someone unable to pay
  • cost of prescriptions/medication on behalf of someone unable to pay
  • transport related to providing help
  • stationery and administrative resources needed to operate a Community Volunteer Hub
  • equipment and other measures to enable community support to be delivered.

Each claim is approved by a Hub Manager with evidence of spend submitted to prevent fraudulent use of the funds.

Any surplus money raised will be given to local charities supporting Horsham District residents.

Who am I giving to?

Your donation is processed on behalf of the Appeal by The Hub, Beeding – registered charity number 1173420 and held in a fund designated for the purpose of this appeal. Funds are distributed proportionately to the Community Hubs and Horsham Matters. Read more about HDC’s COVID-19 Community Support.

After the deduction of appeal costs, 80% of the funds will be shared amongst the communities in the Horsham District to help the most vulnerable in their patch. The funds are apportioned according to the number of households in each community. The other 20% goes to community groups and charities in the District for their COVID-19 related work.

Gift Aid

If you pay tax the value of your donation will be increased when you take the Gift Aid option. Read more about Gift Aid here.