Are you ready for Christmas?!

Advent is a season of anticipation, preparation, and waiting. It can also be full of crazy activity and distraction; it is easy to forget what we are here to celebrate.

Advent should be a season of surprises too, of God showing up when and where we least expect Emmanuel: in a womb, in a barn, as a poor minority in an oppressive empire, at the soup kitchen, at that church service you resisted attending, in that family member with whom you disagree.

To help us take a few moments out of the hustle and bustle, there are some creative spaces set up in The Hub Cafe focusing on a different advent theme each week; Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. There is a mix of activities suitable for all ages, with ideas for reflection and a simple decoration to make and take home as a reminder of the thoughts you have explored. God might just show up where you least expect this Christmas time!

Are you ready for Christmas?