Read John 4:21-26

39 Articles.

The Thirty Nine articles. In the early days of the Reformation various churches tried to clarify what they now believed, so these ‘39 Articles of Religion’ were adopted by the Church of England in 1563.

Of Faith in the Holy Trinity.

There is but one living and true God, everlasting, without body, parts, or passions; of infinite power, wisdom, and goodness; the Maker, and Preserver of all things both visible and invisible. And in the unity of this Godhead there be three Persons, of one substance, power, and eternity; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.


Here the emphasis remains on the ‘one living and true God’ and each of the three persons in the Godhead having the same qualities and God-status as each other. In other words, we should not think of any one person in the God-head as being either superior or inferior to any other of the persons. They are alike in eternal existence, power, and character. All that remains to be said of them is in answer to the question ‘What is God like?

Our reading tomorrow takes us on that particular journey!

Thursday 11th January Daily Devotional notes from the HUB.