Read Lamentations 4

v 17  We looked in vain for our allies to come and save us,
but we were looking to nations that could not help us.

With what penetrating clarity you saw to the heart of the problem, Jeremiah. The city was in deep trouble, so the leaders do what most of us might do – they looked for outside help. They tried to bring their neighbours onside with them. Just as we might ask for help at the bank, or social services, or the family, or a lawyer or …. Well, you name it. The Jewish leaders hoped that some international treaty might help, but there were no allies that could help them against the Babylonians. ‘What’s that – tangle with the Babylonians? you could hear them whisper.

You’re on your own Jerusalem – and your God has stood you up too.

Jerusalem is in a dire state (vv 4,5)

The parched tongues of their little ones stick to the roofs of their mouths in thirst. The children cry for bread, but no one has any to give them.

The people who once ate the richest foods now beg in the streets for anything they can get. Those who once wore the finest clothes now search the garbage dumps for food.’

And it’s all because they are living under the illusion that they can live life without God, ignoring his will and purposes.

Thursday 19th April Daily Devotional notes from The Hub.