God’s Great Design: The JUST life.

Continuing our mini-series based around Micah 6:8, this week we consider the command “to love mercy”.

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The slides for this talk are also available, and include a link to the video on Restorative Justice.

Our closing prayer – from Francis Spufford’s book “Unapologetic”: –

“Let me take that from you, he is saying. Give that to me instead. Let me carry it. Let me be to blame instead. I am big enough. I am wide enough. I am not what you were told. I am not your king or your judge. I am the father who longs for every last one of his children. I am the friend who will never leave you. I am the light behind the darkness. I am the shining your shame cannot extinguish. I am the ghost of love in the torture chamber. I am change and hope. I am the refining fire. I am the door where you thought there was only wall. I am what comes after deserving. I am the earth that drinks up the bloodstain. I am gift without cost. I am. I am. I am. Before the foundations of the world, I am.”

Robin Fisk – 17 June 2018