Read James 1:22-25  

v 22.  But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says.

Heigh-ho, here we are again! It is no good just hearing what the bible says, or simply reading a bit of it every day. It calls for action!

In years gone by (even when I first became a Headteacher!) the school inspectors judged the school by how well the teachers taught the lessons. Did they use appropriate language? Did they engage the children in the lessons in an interesting way? Did the teacher pitch the lesson at an appropriate level – and so on. Now, the inspector wants to look at outcomes and evidence that students have learned and applied what they have studied. It is not just about teaching, but more about learning that is regarded as important.

So also in our Christian lives. It is not just about hearing good sermons and thinking how interesting the preacher was. It is what we learn and how that shapes our lives, leading us to be more Christ-like, that is significant.

It’s the same with our daily readings; if they are simply making us more knowledgeable rather than helping us to become different and more godly in character, then why bother?

So I want to pose a serious question! Is reading the bible, or just a small part of it daily, making any difference to you as a person? I guess we all feel that progress in our Christian experience is painfully slow, but is there progress – and how do you know? Is there evidence to show that we are working to do something about what we are learning?

His Majesty’s Inspector of Churches is looking for real evidence!

Tuesday 16th October. Daily Notes from The Hub.