Brrrr! The temperature is dropping and the the rain has come. The seasonal shift is here and we have the fizz of festivities building in our house! For me this season is one of welly boots, warm knits and chocolate mountains! (Always thankful for the haven of the Hub and the friendly faces that volunteer their time to run it.)

I’d like to first introduce myself, I’m a mum of two beautiful rascals and wife to one. My heart is full of gratitude and passion to protect and I’m an empathetic soul that craves the simple life but struggles to find solitude in the business of busy working mum life! Are you with me?! What I am not is any kind of expert, but I hope our vision for Eco Church shines bright enough to inspire others to protect God’s incredible creation.

Before I get started it would be good to know what you can expect from the Eco Church project group and how to relay your feedback, so if you find anything in these blogs that you want to comment on or critique we would love to hear your views. If you’d also like to know more about the nuts and bolts of Eco Church then please get in touch.

Our little group of humble souls has already begun work: Bulb planting around the hedges in a hope for more Spring wildlife to join us in the Hub garden, Beach clean and litter picking initiative, plans for more community involvement and this wee blog for sharing tips for Eco living.

It goes without saying that we do not expect change overnight, or you to completely overhaul your lifestyle! We just want to plant the seeds (see what I did there!?) There’s three things I’d like to share with you this month.

Did you know you could buy products plastic free? You can take along your own containers, refill old ones and reuse to stock up on pantry and cleaning products. Rushfields Plant Centre, Best Health Food Shop in Shoreham, and a brand new premises called Larder in Worthing full of zero-waste items. There’s also the wonderful ladies of Charlotte’s Cupboard who have a mobile shop that stops in Henfield!

Do you know that the Hub collects unwanted items for charity? Old stamps, Plastic milk bottle tops, batteries, unwanted jewellery and postcards. All these unwanted items support charity work and projects that support others. Just drop them into the Hub and take a look at what these landfill items can do for others.

Have you seen the latest campaign from Iceland? Their depiction of a bedtime story and the plight of one little orangutan has been seen as too raw for mainstream media, but a Google search will have you watching the honest heartbreak the use of palm oil has on our planet and its inhabitants.

Eco Church Blog – November 2018