Read Revelation 21:1-14

v 5   And the one sitting on the throne said, “Look, I am making everything new!”

The story of God – the Bible – starts on a high in the Garden of Eden where everything is perfect; the next 99.9% is full of human failings, sin and disobedience to the will of God. Like any good story, it is not until the very end that things come together and we catch a glimpse of the author’s purpose. The good news is that everything will be made new and God’s final triumph will be proclaimed and acknowledged by all.

We find ourselves in the story, along with David, struggling in the battle to live life as God intends it. So there will be times, as David found, when real bravery is needed. Our ‘Goliaths’ may be different but the moral choices and decisions are pretty similar. We may not have one-tenth of the power that David wielded, but the temptations that come through money, power, possessions and sex differ only in kind, not substance.  So when the pressure is on us we do well to remember that the outcome of the battle has been settled. Satan has been defeated through the obedience of that one Man, Jesus, whom we follow.

And everything will be made new!

Friday 1st February Daily Notes from The Hub