Read Revelation 22:7-21

v 16   “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this message for the churches. I am both the source of David and the heir to his throne.  I am the bright morning star.”

This final book of the Bible, laced through with hard-to-understand images and extraordinary visions, is at least utterly clear about this: Jesus is the root from which David sprang, and is the ultimate ruler in eternity of the Kingdom over which David ruled. Jesus is the rightful, crowned Head of the people of God. All the promises about this Great King, made over the millenia, will be fulfilled when he returns in glory.

Are there life-lessons from all of this? Let me suggest a few.

First, the unity of the whole Bible story. The New and Old Testaments are not two separate books, there is only one story and that is the story of God reclaiming, redeeming a fallen and spoilt world through the King whom he appointed. David foreshadowed that greater King, Jesus.

Second, the life of David is a wonderful example of God’s grace. David was both adulterer and murderer, and yet …. he understood the nature of repentance and acceptance by God because in spite of everything his heart and his deepest desires leaned towards God.

Third, if God can take a young shepherd boy and transform him into the greatest ever King of Israel, what might God do in your life?  It is not your past that matters, it is God’s future for you that is important.

Friday 31st May Daily Notes from the HUB.