Read Ruth 3:1-18

v 13 Stay here tonight, and in the morning I will talk to him. If he is willing to redeem you, very well. Let him marry you. But if he is not willing, then as surely as the Lord lives, I will redeem you myself! Now lie down here until morning.”

Not only did the Family-Redeemer have the right to buy the land from Naomi, but he also had an obligation to look after, or marry, Naomi’s daughter-in-law, Ruth. Acting on Naomi’s plan, Ruth made her feelings for Boaz known through her night-time visit to the threshing floor where Boaz was sleeping. Boaz got the message, and still acting with the utmost integrity, made his feelings known too. He was clear, if the first man in line to buy the land did not wish to, then he himself would fulfil that obligation.

All the different people in the story come out of it well.

Naomi wanted to do the best for Ruth in the long term. Her plan was to provide a secure home and caring relationship for Ruth. Her aim, spoken out in V1, is direct and clear. “My daughter, it’s time that I found a permanent home for you, so that you will be provided for. ‘ Boaz also wanted the best for Ruth, and promises to act on her behalf. He guaranteed that one way or another her future would be secured. If the first in line to care for her was not willing, he certainly would – promised!

I wonder how Ruth herself felt about the plan? Without hesitation she followed the plan through and Naomi was confident of a good outcome. Ruth must have been excited about the prospect, so Naomi’s confidence is carefully expressed: ‘“Just be patient, my daughter, until we hear what happens. The man won’t rest until he has settled things today.”

Thursday 3rd October Daily Notes from The Hub