Read Acts 2:42-47

Sharing;   v 44.  shared everything they had

v 45. shared the money with those in need.      

v 46. shared their meals with great joy and generosity.

There is no doubt that sharing is the predominant theme of this reading!

These first disciples had come to the point of putting their hope and faith in Jesus and their lives had been turned around. The biggest turn round is seen in these acts of sharing.

I’m not sure what words young children first learn, but one of the early ones is MINE. All of us have a built-in possessiveness, and children soon display it even when they are playing with toys. Possessiveness seems natural to us, whilst sharing has to be learned. These Christians in the early days of the Church learned it very quickly. What is more, it made a huge difference to the society in which moved. Theirs was no small Christian clique, but a group of friends that looked out to the needs of others around them. This attitude so impressed others that we read ‘All the while praising God and enjoying the goodwill of all the people. ‘ v 47 then adds that the outcome was for others to join Church.

Sharing the Good News of Jesus; sharing everything they had, including themselves, brought about Church growth

Thursday 17th October Daily Notes from The Hub