Read John 14, 4 – 6

 “Will you be there in the Glory Land?”

These words from a song learnt in Covenanter camp many years ago come into mind – the response “Yes, I’ll be there” came easily but I’m not at all sure that I grasped its significance. “Glory Land”, whatever was that? A place free from family disputes, arguments, money problems, school dinners, dentists etc. etc.?? A peaceful place where God lived.

A good few years on, and I’m not sure I’m much wiser.  Yes, I am sure that I, together with all believers, will eventually find myself there, and that is only possible through the redeeming work of the Lord Jesus.  I shall have a new body, meet God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and then understand so much more about that “Immortal, Invisible, God only wise” than I can possibly know here.

And, whatever will I do there?  The book of Revelation at the end of the Bible speaks in dramatic language of an awe-inspiring God radiating glory and authority being worshipped by multitudes of believers seemingly forever.  We often sing that we will praise and worship Him in that same way, but surely there will be some other sort of activity to keep us busy. Here on this earth I like to be active in all sorts of ways, what next?  Just so many questions and I’m running out of space!

Thank you, Lord, that I’m on my way!  

(Contributed by John Darwood)

Tuesday 19th November Daily Notes from The Hub