Good  everybody,

The mail this morning left out the vital introduction to the planned readings for Advent – which begins tomorrow, Sunday 1st December. The readings as sent out may have mystified you unless you knew of the little book recommended for reading this month!
The notes should have headed by this –

Readings for Advent 2019


During December we are going to read through the early chapters of Luke’s Gospel, and use daily notes written by Tom Parsons. Rather than having them come by email, his comments come in a small booklet entitled ‘The Radiant Dawn’.

You will notice that the actual Bible readings are sometimes repeated, but don’t skip over them – however well you remember the words. Try to read thoughtfully through each passage on the given dates, and then the appropriate comments in the book.

If you have not yet got one of the booklets for reading, please ask Peter to find one for you.


A new series of email readings begin on Monday 30th of December, when we review the conclusion of our studies in 1 Thessalonians.

Hope that puts you in the picture now!
And booklets are still available from Peter, price £2, or £3 for two.
Happy reading,
John Rowland
Advent readings