Read Acts 17:10-15

v 11  They searched the Scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth.

Paul and Silas had a rough time in Thessalonica, and left by night in a hurry. They arrived in Berea and once again set about preaching and teaching about Jesus in the local synagogue. Their reception was much more welcoming, and the local people wanted to get to the bottom of what was being said. That involved them in some reading and research – good for them! Paul’s teaching was new to them and they set about verifying the accuracy of what they were hearing. They were not just going to accept some new-fangled stuff without checking on it first.

Here is the mind of a thoughtful person, wanting to search for God rather than just accept whatever is said. But this was not a philosophical debate; it was rooted in study of the scriptures. In my mind’s eye I can see them unrolling the old scrolls and looking up the parts Paul had had talked about, and then discussing it together. Rather like one of our Growth Groups I suspect. They approached the study with open minds (v 11), and persevered with the study over a period of time. They were people serious in their desire to know God better. Their example is well worth following in our own days of ‘fake news’ and political machinations.

Wednesday January 8th Hub Daily Notes