Read Exodus 15:1-19

v 13  With your unfailing love you lead the people you have redeemed. In your might, you guide them to your sacred home.

What a wonderful song of triumph, with the oft-repeated contrast between the greatness of God and the futile efforts of the pursuing Egyptians. Verses 9 and 10 highlight the differences

The enemy boasted, ‘I will chase themI will plunder themI will flash my sword; my powerful hand will destroy them.’  

But you blew with your breath, and the sea covered them. They sank like lead in the mighty waters.

Pharaoh had his plans, but God had His purposes!

Be in no doubt whatsoever that the One you are following has purposes that are for your good, and He will not be frustrated in achieving them. Life might get tough – it often does – but you are following a mighty Lord and Saviour whose love for you does not change with life’s circumstances. He is firmly fixed in His plans to lead you to a sacred home in His presence.

The logic of this victory song is overwhelming: it speaks of unfailing love … people you have redeemed… you guide them to your sacred home.

It is this confidence that sustained Moses through the wilderness, and has strengthened pilgrims and all followers of Jesus down through the centuries.

And it will sustain you as you commit yourself to following Jesus today.

Wednesday 15th January Hub Daily Notes