Read Exodus 17:1-16

v 1  At the Lord’s command, the whole community of Israel left the wilderness of Sinand moved from place to place. Eventually they camped at Rephidim, but there was no water there for the people to drink.

One final chapter about these moaning miseries. (It’s a bit monotonous isn’t it!)  It’s the usual old thing, No water; The people complain, Moses acts, God provides. But now the story takes an ugly turn in verse 8; ‘While the people of Israel were still at Rephidim, the warriors of Amalek attacked them ‘ Hunger and thirst are one thing, but a violent enemy is something new. This assault on them brought them together to fight a different kind of battle. It was a battle where they had to pull together; it was not about a personal issue but one of working together as a company of God’s people. Here was their first cooperative venture – they had to get things together in order to survive.

Following God closely is a personal matter in some respects; it is the response of an individual to Jesus’ invitation to follow Him. But it is so much more – it is a cooperative, community venture where we follow God together. Difficulties will be overcome, battles will be won, as we walk together as a family.

Friday 17th January Hub Daily Notes