Read 3 John 1-15

Following the truth.

v  I could have no greater joy than to hear that my children are following the truth.

In an age when ‘Fake News’ is in the news, and deceits of all kinds flourish on social media, getting to grips with ‘TRUTH’ is sometimes mighty difficult. Do you believe everything you read in the newspaper, or hear in the TV news, or simply pick up in local gossip? Obviously, truth is a serious topic, and John mentions it 6 times in this brief letter. Take a few moments to read the whole letter again and note what he has to say about it.

Knowing the truth is one thing, but then following it is of fundamental importance in the Christian’s life. To know the truth about Jesus is vital, but then comes the significant matter of following it – living in the light of that truth. It is knowing this truth as we find it in scripture that shapes our lives; to ignore it is foolish. No wonder it brought so much joy to John to hear that a group of Christian believers were living by the truth. They had taken it in and their lives had been immeasurably changed.

You have accepted the truth about Jesus, will you allow your life to be transformed by following it?

Friday 31st January Hub Daily Notes