Read John 13:6-11

v 7Jesus replied, “You don’t understand now what I am doing, but someday you will.”

Let us gather from Peter’s conduct that a man may have plenty of faith and love, and yet be sadly destitute of clear knowledge. We must not set down men as graceless and godless because they are dull, and stupid, and blundering in their religion. The heart may often be quite right when the head is quite wrong. We must make allowances for the corruption of the understanding as well as of the will. We must not be surprised to find that the brains as well as the affections of Adam’s children have been hurt by the fall. It is a humbling lesson, and one seldom fully learned except by long experience. But the longer we live the more true shall we find it, that a believer like Peter may make many mistakes and lack understanding, and yet like Peter, have a heart right before God and get to Heaven at last.

Even at our best estate we shall find that many of Christ’s dealings with us are hard to understand in this life. The ‘Why’ and ‘Wherefore’ of many a providence will often puzzle and perplex us quite as much as the washing puzzled Peter.

There came days, long after Christ had left the world, when Peter saw the full meaning of all that happened on the memorable night before the crucifixion. Even so there will be a day when every dark page in our life’s history will be explained, and when, as we stand with Christ in glory, we shall know all.

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