Read Mark 4:21-41

v 41  The disciples were absolutely terrified. “Who is this man?” they asked each other. “Even the wind and waves obey him!”


You can well understand them being terrified can’t you. Who else have you ever heard of with the power to control wind and waves? I have a nagging suspicion that the disciples were more terrified of Jesus at this point than they had been of the actual storm. Storms were a natural event; you saw them and heard them on Galilee – but, well, that’s life they would have thought. But a Man who can speak to the storm and silence it, now that is different. What kind of power does this man control? Who is this man?   They were on a steep part of the learning curve toward discovering the nature and character of Jesus.

This was a profoundly significant part of their learning about Jesus. Just think what they had already experienced. They had seen Jesus heal a leper, cast out an evil spirit, restore mobility to a paralysed man, … but to silence a storm with a word, that’s in a different league altogether for sure! I’ve some sympathy with the disciples at this point. I’m not sure a meeting with some real Dr Who would be comfortable – full of surprises and evidence of strange powers.  But to sit in a boat with a man who can silence a violent storm with just a word is mesmerizingly difficult to comprehend. If you grew up on a diet of ‘Gentle Jesus, meek and mild’ this tale would startle you. Here is raw power controlling the forces of nature. Much less startling, but in essence the same, was Jesus’ very first miracle at the wedding in Cana (John 2). If they had time to put two and two together, they might have remembered this event as also demonstrating Jesus’ power over natural things – water into wine.

Step by step Jesus was revealing to the disciples His true nature as God in the Flesh. Flashes of Godhead-power break through into the natural world as Jesus allows those timid and terrified men to glimpse the infinite.

Let me ask you a vital question today – does your perception of Jesus allow you to include this element of the divine nature? There are those who view Jesus as a great man, a teacher of life-changing and vital truths about life and death, a prophet – perhaps, but in this a real man, and only a man. Jesus allows us to go beyond that by demonstrating divine power and compassion, by rising from death and letting the whole world know that the power of death has been broken. He advertises to the world that He is God-in-the-flesh, incarnate deity, Man and God in one Person. There can be no doubt that He was a Man of power like no other.

Friday 6th March Jesus was a Man of power like no other.