We spend so much of our time connecting together as families, encouraging times to meet and share together. But right now we find ourselves having to behave counter-intuitively!

However, it needn’t be a disaster – we just need to be a bit more creative. In my family we choose not to have disasters but do we do have lots of great stories! Some of which I may share with you as I become better at this blogging thing! 

So my hope is to collect and share a variety of ways to encourage us to embrace the changes we are facing. Our daily routines maybe messed up but let’s try some new ways of connecting with our families and friends and supporting each other.

Here is a really helpful blog article about How to help your children understand their feelings in these uncertain days.

Useful Local Community Information Update

Tomorrow we have a meeting with the Parish councils, the health centre, school leads and community groups to coordinate practical support for the local community. If you find yourself or know of others who need any specific help please get in touch with me HERE

Check this out! – Interactive Live stream Family worship 4pm today and every Wednesday and Saturday! Interactive Songs and Bible stories to enjoy together 

Don’t forget to look after yourself as well as your family!

Find ten minutes or so to do this simple relaxation exercise on your own.

Then find another time to share it with your children! It’s important to teach them how to relax too.

Hub Families: alone; together.