We’ve survived a week! We all deserve a massive Hug! Do you know, I think one of the hardest things I have found this week is not being able to hug people. So consider yourself virtually hugged!

These next words are adapted from another blog that I follow for family workers. They are so true – Be encouraged!

You’ve got this!

Just like you have navigated every other weird and wonderful event parenting has thrown at you, you will manage to get through this ‘Covid-19’ season too.

You’re already doing it!

Just by doing life together , you are already supporting your children in more ways than you can imagine. If you do nothing new this season, know that God is already working through you.

You do you!

We are all different, we all connect with God in different ways, and we all do family life in different ways. Your family and your children are unique so there is no one way to parent a child in these more challenging days. Try to let go of the list of things you think you should be doing and instead do what you think will work best for your family. Take other people’s ideas and suggestions if you want, but if they don’t work for you – that’s fine! Don’t make it harder for yourself than you need to by trying to make your family do something that really isn’t you!

You are enough!

You don’t have to feel like you have it all together or know all the answers! However excited, tired, terrified, organised, hopeful, fearful or tearful you are – you are the most powerful influence in your child’s life and God is using you everyday to love and support them.

You are not alone!

While we might not be able to be with each other face to face at the moment, know that you are not alone. God didn’t intend parents to raise children on their own. Whether or not you feel it right now, he’s surrounded you with family, friends, neighbours, other parents, church community, teachers, children’s workers and more – and we are still here to support you. Whatever you need right now – someone to talk to, someone to read bedtime stories for your kids over Face-time, Zoom or any other platform, someone to text you encouragements or play games over the garden fence – I know He has those people for you. Ask God to remind you who they are, and then reach out to them for help. You don’t have to walk this alone.

If I can help you with any of this, I am here to love you and serve you. Just get in touch, just click HERE.

KIDZONE Family Fun Activities

I have put together some great resources to do with your children this week on the theme of Being Brave. Have a look and see what you think! CLICK HERE

Useful Local Community Information Update

If you have not seen what else we’ve been up to at the Hub this week check out Community Hub Response Facebook Page

A beautiful gesture delivered to us this week at the Hub Resource Centre from a grateful member of our community
Hub Families:You’ve got this!