How are you doing?

How are those hands?

Twenty seconds of hand-washing is longer than you think isn’t it?! Just for a minute let’s think about other ways we can use some twenty second moments that may just help you re-charge for your next twenty minutes of juggling children’s needs, partner’s needs, parents’ needs, neighbours’ needs, work needs and focus on your needs!

According to experts, Twenty seconds with nature is all it takes to experience

  • increased levels of happiness
  • decreased levels of anxiety and depression
  • increased sense of closeness to others and of life feeling worthwhile
  • increased desire to care for the earth

Just stepping outside isn’t quite enough though – you need to notice . You have to watch the clouds, smell the flowers, listen to the birds. The key isn’t being in nature, but noticing it. Even in lock-down, we can do this. Don’t wait for your daily exercise. Step outside your back or front door for several 20 second moments in your day. Notice how different you feel.

Look for a time you could extend these moments even once a week and try some of the ideas below

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KIDZONE Family Fun Activities

This Sunday is Palm Sunday CLICK HERE for some fun activities to do with your family. Look out for a special KIDZONE activity Link on Monday with some more Eastery Fun and Games to try at home next week.

Useful Local Community Information Update

If you have not seen what else we’ve been up to at the Hub this week check out Community Hub Response Facebook Page
Generous donations from our community for our Food Bank. Thank you! Please let me know if you or anyone you know, are struggling to buy food and provisions for your family because of unexpected job loss due to the Covid-19 Crisis. Strict Confidence will be kept.
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