My husband has a friendly nickname – Peter Plan! He like’s to be organised, and be ready for what’s happening next. And if I’m honest so do I – I’m just not always very good at it! This weekend coming we had great plans; to celebrate Easter with friends and family and then to take a week off to go and see the tulip fields in Holland in our camper van. Our plans have changed significantly!!

For now I’m learning to be content with a photograph and a virtual tour from my living room!

It’s not just the trip that it is disappointing to miss, but my yearning to meet and connect with people face to face is getting stronger by the day! I guess like many of you, there will be empty chairs at my Easter Sunday dinner table this year and that makes me sad. But it also makes me so much more grateful for the many friends and family I do have, and one thing I hope will be a positive from this strange time of plan changing and social separation, is a deeper appreciation of all the people around me who I share this crazy life journey with.

I take comfort and confidence as I look to celebrate what Jesus did for us that very first Easter, that these difficult days will pass and will become part of our history. Take time to remember His-story; one of suffering and sacrifice that gave way to a life of Hope for tomorrow.

Take time to notice the many signs of Spring as you take your daily exercise this week.

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KIDZONE Family Fun Activities

This Sunday is Easter Sunday

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Useful Local Community Information Update

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Generous donations from our community for our Food Bank. Thank you! Please let me know if you or anyone you know, are struggling to buy food and provisions for your family because of unexpected job loss due to the Covid-19 Crisis. Strict Confidence will be kept.
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