The feelings of fear can be so irrational and yet so real! I can cope with spiders in my house, but ‘daddy long legs’…….! They are so small, they don’t bite, don’t make a noise, in fact they can’t do anything that would cause me any harm at all! Yet they do cause some irrational, uncontrollable and disproportionate reaction inside me, that makes me jump and run a mile every time I see one.

I do have good reason to be afraid right now though. There is a tiny little invisible virus, that is turning our world upside down. Whether I catch it or not, whether I like it not, my life and I’m sure yours too, is being affected by it in so many ways right now.

Shopping is no longer straight forward – I feel uneasy. Friends and family are still working, I’m worried for their safety. People who I care deeply for in our community are struggling with isolation; I’m concerned for their well-being.

There is little I can do physically to conquer these fears and anxieties but I can choose how I respond to them. I am consciously choosing to allow them to ’cause me to pause’. Not to rationalise them away, not to dismiss their reality. To pause and notice the evidence around me that God is still in control, to pause and remember that my times, our times, are in His hands. Take a moment to pause……….

If I can help you with any of this, I am here to love you and serve you. Just get in touch, just click HERE.

KIDZONE Family Fun Activities

This week’s Kidzone has lots of fun activities around this same theme. It’s a great chance to find new ways of connecting together.

CLICK HERE for some fun activities to do with your family.

Being locked-down is giving us plenty of extra time with our partners! Why not spend an hour giving your relationship a bit of an MOT?! You never know you may learn something new about each other.

Sign up to these 4 free sessions run by Care for the Family the same charity that who produce the material we use for Positive Parenting. They are suitable for couples at any stage of their relationship – you don’t have to married to benefit from these sessions!

Useful Local Community Information Update

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