Acknowledging our feelings
can be a challenge sometimes.

Good, positive feelings are easy – we enjoy those and love sharing them with others. Facebook posts are testament to this; if we only looked there we could be lulled into thinking that everyone was thoroughly enjoying homeschooling, family-time is better than ever, the countryside is perfect and beautiful and all is well with the world – Lockdown life is a piece of cake! But really this is only a snapshot of life at the moment. The temptation is to just ignore the negative feelings we have and hope they will just go away – a bit like Eeyore!

Sadness is a strange emotion. It’s hard to describe, hard to pinpoint where it comes from often. But nevertheless, it is real and often underestimated. I had always thought sadness was just feeling a bit low, and basically the opposite of happy! But I actually think it goes a bit deeper than that. I was out with one of my girls the other day and we were commenting on the eerie, ‘heavy’ feeling which seems to surround us when we’re out and about at the moment. The sense that all is not well, the sense of struggle to get from one end of the day to the other, a feeling of deep unrest.

So what is the antidote to a deep sense of sadness? I’m not sure there is just one – life has lots of times of sadness. I do know pretending I’m not sad when I am doesn’t work! Instead, I try and refocus; I try and pay attention to the simple things that lift me in my spirit – not so much make me feel happy, but give me real pleasure, enjoyment, a sense of satisfaction and contentment. Things that fill me with joy. They will be different things for each of us – right now they need to be extra simple. Here are a few that work for me:

Send a message or a picture to makes someone else smile ~ look through old photos ~ make a phone call ~ Bake a cake ~ Step outside, breathe fresh air and listen for a moment ~

Birdsong This is the dawn chorus with some stunning photography. Take a moment to enjoy it.

This is just beautiful – May you be Blessed this week with a fresh sense of Joy

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KIDZONE Family Fun Activities

This week’s Kidzone has lots of fun activities around this same theme. It’s a great chance to find new ways of connecting together.

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Being locked-down is giving us plenty of extra time with our partners! Why not spend an hour giving your relationship a bit of an MOT?! You never know you may learn something new about each other.

Sign up to these 4 free sessions run by Care for the Family the same charity that who produce the material we use for Positive Parenting. They are suitable for couples at any stage of their relationship – you don’t have to married to benefit from these sessions!

Useful Local Community Information Update

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