The Spirit is like wind, earth’s oldest sojourner……” Rachel Held-Evans

The idea of ‘Spirit’ conjures up all sorts of images for us. Perhaps a special feeling of connection with nature, or a stirring inside when we listen to a certain piece of music.  Maybe an overwhelming awe when we walk into a sacred space, like a church or the awe we experience on a mountaintop.  It’s something hard to explain, but very real.

Over the last few weeks, we have thought about all sorts of ways of finding the strength and hope and peace to sustain us in uncertain and troubling times. I only find this possible because, for me, Spirit is the way God comes close to us in very real ways. The Bible calls God’s Presence the Holy Spirit. There are other metaphors and images too, such as a dove of peace, flames of fire, rushing wind.

Rachel Held Evans likened God’s Spirit being ‘like the wind, earth’s oldest Sojourner.  We can’t see the Spirit like we can’t see the wind, but as we feel and encounter the wind, so we can feel God’s presence with us. The eternal Spirit of the same God who was there at the very beginning, and who first breathed life into humankind is the same Spirit who journeys with us day after day. We are never alone, God’s Presence encourages us when we feel discouraged, and gives us the confidence that we can do things when we feel inadequate or overwhelmed.

At a time like this when we feel more out of control, more uncertain of our futures, more confused by what is going on around us than ever before, it is a great time to reach out beyond our own understanding and to trust in the God who is always with us by His Spirit, who is sharing the good moments and holding us through the difficult ones. Enjoy this song which sums it up beautifully.

Your spirit is my constant friend
You’re with me to the very end
I’ll never be alone again
You’re the change in me

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This week’s HubKids has lots of fun activities around this same theme. It’s a great chance to find new ways of connecting together.

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