Read Acts chapter 10

v 36. Peter said  ‘there is peace with God through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all

Peace with God an outcome of believing the Good News.

It is very difficult to define what ‘Religion’ is’ but I do recall the definition that was given us back in my days at school! “Religion is an active desire to get into a right relationship with the ruling power or powers in the universe.” When things went wrong, people felt the need to placate the ‘gods’ in some way, perhaps by a worship-sacrifice or a self-sacrificing act of devotion. It was believed the gods were displeased in some way, and therefore something needed to be done to please them, or get them on-side, as it were. It was seen as necessary to be in a right relationship with the gods if you were to prosper in life, and avoid misfortune. So here Peter takes the line of explaining that a right relationship with God – being at peace with Him – comes through knowing and trusting Jesus.

The ‘Good News’ was that all our wrong-doing was dealt with by Jesus when He suffered on the cross. The consequences of our wrong-doing, what we call sin, was laid on Jesus, and He died carrying them for us. This sin, which formed a barrier between God and ourselves is thus removed resulting in the possibility of a right relationship with Him.  So by identifying with Jesus, (what we call faith) means the burden has been shifted from us on to Him. Hence an open and right relationship with the God of Heaven – peace with Him – is brought about. This peace needs no further sacrifices to be made, nor any heroic deeds on our part to make things right

Knowing and appreciating this peace with God is fundamentally necessary for our spiritual, moral and mental peace.

Monday July 6 Hub Daily Notes