Read Acts chapter 23

v 11. God said to Paul ‘Be encouraged, Paul. Just as you have been a witness to me here in Jerusalem, you must preach the Good News in Rome as well.

God sometimes calls us to re-locate the place where we witness.

Moving home is one of life’s more stressful circumstances! I guess you know of people who have lived in the same home or locality all their lives, and others who have moved a dozen times. A similar thing happens with work – a change of career, or moving to a new company brings its own stress. It even happens in Church life; a person does the same job in church for a time and then feels it is right to move on to some other activity.

Paul had very clear direction from God; the time was right to move on from Jerusalem to Rome. His life was in danger in Jerusalem, the plot to kill him was well-advanced before being prevented by the Roman authorities. The story has all the elements of a Bond Thriller before God encourages Paul on his way to Rome. And he certainly needed plenty of encouragement at that moment!

This is a serious question that many of us have had to face at some point; when is it right to change direction or move home? We long for some clear indication from God; the kind of encouragement that Paul had. How do you go about making changes in life? How did you decide where to live? Maybe you too have a story to tell of God leading you into your present position. Why not share it as a means of encouraging others who face such changes?

Thursday July 23 Hub Daily Notes