Read Acts chapter 25

v  22.  King Agrippa said “I’d like to hear the man myself,”

There are surprising people who are ready to listen to Good News!

Stories of Jesus, and what the disciples did, get around to some unlikely people! Even Herod had heard about Jesus (I wonder who hadn’t) and was keen to see him. We read in Luke 23:8 Herod was delighted at the opportunity to see Jesus, because he had heard about him and had been hoping for a long time to see him perform a miracle. Probably much the same with Agrippa when he heard about Paul. For him it was an opportunity to hear this well-known preacher and find out for himself what he had to say.

So don’t be too surprised when you come across people these days who really do want to hear about Jesus and what being a Jesus-follower means. Don’t brush aside their questions; be prepared to explain what being a Christian means for you and who you believe Jesus was – the Son of God. Behind many a light-hearted question there can lurk a genuine desire to know more about faith – perhaps more often than we imagine.

How ready are you to answer up when those kinds of questions arise?

It is not a matter of being clever, and having masses of information or bible quotations at your fingertips, (though to have some will be helpful!) it is more a case of being simple and direct about your experience of life in following Jesus. Sometimes it is useful to be able to tell folk briefly how you set out on the road of following Jesus, on other occasions it might be how your faith impacts your life in the present. Keeping responses brief and simple, and actually smiling too will be helpful! By all means possible keep channels of communication open so that you can follow up comments at a later date.

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