Read Acts chapter 28

v 20  Paul said to the Jews in Rome,  ‘I believe that the hope of Israel—the Messiah—has already come.’

The Old and New Testaments form a coherent story of the purposes of God revealed in history.                                                                             Ever loyal to his own countrymen – the Jews – once in Rome Paul gets in touch with the local Jewish leaders. (v 17) His desire as always was to present them with the news of Jesus first, ‘The Messiah has already come’ was his message. Jews everywhere looked for the coming of the Messiah, a man who would rescue them from Roman domination, and restore them to their own land, Israel. The news that Paul was able to announce was not restoration to their land, but reconciliation to God, a restored relationship. He never saw following Jesus as a radical new religion, but a coherent completion of the story of the Old Testament. The outcome is not entirely unexpected in v 24. Some were persuaded by the things he said, but others did not believe   What we do know is that there was a company of believers in Rome made up of a variety of nationalities; a quick read through Romans 16 will show you that. So Paul makes it clear in v 28 that the Good News of reconciliation with God is for all people, Gentiles included. So I want you to know that this salvation from God has also been offered to the Gentiles, and they will accept it.

That is where we leave Paul, locked up at home for 2 years, but free to preach to all who visit him.

What happened to him after that is uncertain speculation. But we are left with a picture of a faithful preacher, announcing the Gospel to all who will listen to him.  

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