Today, you can read this well-known, but old, hymn, or listen to it on YouTube as the choir of Guildford Cathedral sings it. It has a simple tune and many of us probably grew up in a church where this tune was used.


1 Blest are the pure in heart, for they shall see our God;
the secret of the Lord is theirs, their soul is Christ’s abode.


2 The Lord, who left the heavens our life and peace to bring,
to dwell in lowliness with men, their pattern and their King;


3 Still to the lowly soul he doth himself impart,
and for his dwelling and his throne chooseth the pure in heart.


4 Lord, we thy presence seek; may ours this blessing be;
give us a pure and lowly heart, a temple meet for thee.


In the email version Click here to watch, and listen to the song being sung.

Tuesday 27th October The Hub Daily Notes