Read Luke 2:1-8

The Gospel writers locate Jesus in time, space and society. Luke links Jesus with Roman history, the Emperor being Augustus, who was born in 63 BC and died in 14 AD. His rise to power began after the assassination of Julius Caesar, his Great-Uncle, in 44 BC.

Jesus is also clearly located geographically, His birth taking place in Bethlehem which was the family home of His ancestor, King David.

All of this is real history and geography, not some airy-fairy make-believe land of story tellers!

Jesus is also located in social terms; he was not born into luxury but was fully identified with the poverty and danger of everyday life Moreover, He experienced refugee status as His family had to flee to Egypt after the savage attempts of Herod to destroy Him.

It is with this awareness of Jesus’ complete human experience that Matthew sets out to tell the story of His life and what He achieved.

Thursday 18th February Daily Notes from The Hub (Lent)