Read Genesis 12:10-20

v 13   So please tell them you are my sister. Then they will spare my life and treat me well because of their interest in you.”

God was preparing Abraham to be a nation-founder, and a blessing to many other peoples – but that didn’t stop him worrying! And at this juncture the worries took over. ‘Abraham, just how self-centred can you get? ‘ His plan was simple; ‘You Sarah are mighty attractive, so if these people think you are my wife they will kill me in order to get their hands on you. So please, Sarah, pretend you are my sister.

The implication is of course, they can do whatever they like with you Sarah, but I will be OK.  Isn’t that the most unsubtle plan you can imagine!  And the most utterly self-centred one into the bargain.

For that moment, Abraham’s trust in God faltered.

But as you read the rest of the story you discover that God didn’t give up on Abraham. That’s the amazing part of the story isn’t it.  If I had been in God’s shoes, I might have been inclined to shake my head in sorrow and say to myself – ‘OK, I had better find someone else better suited for the job I have in mind. Someone I can really trust to be straight with Me ’ I might have relegated Abraham to an historical footnote and have started a new nation with a more reliable leader. But that is not God’s way; He had promised Abraham a significant future, and He wasn’t going back on His promise.

Our failures may delay, but never frustrate the declared purposes of God.

The future He has promised you is just as secure as was Abraham’s.


Wednesday 14th April Daily Notes from The Hub