Read Genesis 22:1-14.

v 3.   The next morning Abraham got up early.

I am struck by the speed of Abraham’s response. No time for explanations, no hesitation, and no talk of packing too much. (except the wood and the fire needed for the sacrifice) Certainly no time for a prolonged family discussion with Sarah – and how much did she know and understand what Abraham was up to; perhaps that explains the early start. No time for second thoughts either; Abraham had his instructions so he got on with things.

I guess that is the way to do difficult things; the more you hesitate and delay the less likely you are to engage with the task. So when God makes something clear to you, just get on with it. Sure, it is sometimes good to weigh things up and count the cost, but there is not always time to consult your friends, or invite them to pray with you about it. You sense the call of God, the invitation of the Holy Spirit to move forward, and you just have to get on with it without delay.

That is the Abraham-faith way of living for God. Get up early, and get on with whatever God is calling you to do!

Tuesday 27th April Daily Notes from The Hub