Read Ruth 4:13-22

v 17    The neighbour women said, “Now at last Naomi has a son again!” And they named him Obed. He became the father of Jesse and the grandfather of David.

Like all grannies, Naomi was utterly delighted to welcome a grandson!

From being a down-and-out widow in Moab, with no sons to support her, here she is back in Bethlehem with a grandson, a daughter and son-in-law to stand with her. In fact, the change for her was welcomed by the community at large. Who could fail to see the hand of God at work preparing the way for Naomi, Ruth, and Obed. Little would they see or know about the extent of God’s plan at that stage; who could have imagined Jesse, King David and on through the years to Jesus.

God’s plans are so much bigger than the human mind can even begin to comprehend! We try to live well, one day at a time, but plans for eternity are in God’s hands. The little steps, the daily decisions, our setbacks and triumphs, the stuff of life in the 21st Century – everything is encased in the purposes of a God who loves us and has the stuff of eternity under His care.

This story of Ruth is one little glimpse, a fleeting glance at these often hidden purposes of God. Your story may never be told publicly in this way, but your story is just as important to God, and He it is who will empower you to walk through it, and honour Him in the process.

Tuesday 25th May Daily Notes from The Hub