Preparing for Kingship – David

The King who cared for his people.


There are some pretty gruesome stories in the readings for this week! Yet the picture begins to emerge of King David ruling over a Kingdom united at last under his leadership and living at peace within its borders. Enemies are defeated, justice begins to take shape, and prosperity returns under the Care-full reign of the King. This was unlike any previous age in Israel’s history and foreshadows the rule and reign of King Jesus which we have yet to fully experience.

Take heart from the fact that Jesus will reign for all eternity, and that His care for the people who follow Him begins in the here and now.

Read 1 Samuel 26

David cared for Saul – even although Saul wanted to kill him.

v 11.   The Lord forbid that I should kill the one he has anointed!

Saul was filled with hatred for David and pursued him relentlessly. He feared that David would snatch the throne from him and proclaim himself as King. On this occasion he picked 3,000 of his elite soldiers – the SAS of his day – and set out to locate and assassinate David. At this point in time Saul was hot on David’s heels – and yet again David was able to get sufficiently close to Saul to murder him with ease, as his companion Abishai suggested. (v 8)  David had a similar opportunity recorded in chapter 24, but then too he refused the suggestion that he should kill Saul. He was acutely aware that Saul was the anointed King, God’s chosen leader even if he was a failed leader. He cared enough about Saul and his status as King to spare him.

It is really easy to care about those we love, and who respond with love and care for us. But here is the King-in-waiting caring about the very man who had both the desire and manpower to kill him first. This is surely the New Testament principle of loving and caring for those who are our enemies. This is the standard of loving care to which Jesus calls His disciples. I doubt if you have people lining up to murder you (!) but there are very likely a few folks you find it hard to get on with – these are the ones God is calling you to care for in some way.

Make an effort this week to go out of your way to express love and care for someone you do find difficult, and open your heart to allow your love for that person to grow.


Monday 12th July Daily Notes from The Hub