Read John 6:22-59

v 35.  Jesus replied, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.

Love satisfies the deepest need of the human heart.

Advertising offers experiences and possessions that are deemed to satisfy.

Visit this sun-blessed Island; enjoy the food at …; experience the thrill of this new car; delight in the company of these friends; all very appealing but essentially passing with time. Even in human relationships love can fade with time, sad to relate. Marriages that began with such fervent expressions of love can decline; friendships that blossomed in youth might cool down with age; but Jesus offers something that endures through everything. His love offers a relationship within which there will never again be a hunger or thirst for something that satisfies. He satisfies the longing of the human heart in a way that nothing and nobody else can.

Like you, in these recent months of pandemic and lockdown, I’ve heard about people trying to satisfy their longing for something exciting or refreshing through holidays or other new experiences. But it all seems so shallow, both the desires and the fulfilment of them are transient.

The adverts are beguiling, but the experiences rarely live up to them.

Dare we believe and announce that walking through life with Jesus can fully satisfy the hunger and thirst of life? Dare we say to our friends that we have found an answer to the longings of the human heart?

Or have our hearts grown cold through looking for earth-based satisfaction?

Jesus is calling you to re-affirm your love for Him – His love remains steady and sure.

Thursday 23rd September Daily Notes from The Hub