Read John 8:48-59

v 51.  I tell you the truth, anyone who obeys my teaching will never die!

Jesus’ teaching doesn’t get any easier does it! Suddenly He introduces the idea of eternity – never, ever, die. That transforms the whole nature of what Jesus has been saying. Following Him, loving others, remaining faithful – it is all very down-to-earth; and now eternity enters the equation. That is mind-blowing in the context of everyday conversation. The issues are stretched beyond the here-and-now to encompass the eternal.

It has sometimes been said of Christians that they are too heavenly minded to be of any earthly use – and it is of course possible to have a detached and remote lifestyle that separates us from the rough and tumble of ordinary humanity. That said, it is good to have a long view that sees into the life that God has planned for eternity. We mustn’t speculate about it excessively, but realising that God has a good plan for His children, and that eternal life will be spent in His presence, is a bulwark when pressures threaten to overwhelm us. One of the more useful instruments an aircraft has, from a trainee pilot’s point of view, is an artificial horizon. It gives a true perspective on how the aircraft is aligned when normal sensations are blurred. Keeping Heaven in mind is just the same; when circumstances blur everyday vision a view of Heaven and eternity help us to stay on an even keel and point us in the right direction.

Give thanks today for a view of Heaven that sustains us here on earth!

Friday 1st October Daily Notes from The Hub