Read John 9:18-41

v 38   “Yes, Lord, I believe!” the man said. And he worshiped Jesus.

I am amazed at the direct simplicity of what the man had to say about his experience of meeting Jesus. It caused him a great heap of trouble – being expelled from synagogue membership had serious social as well as religious consequences. But he goes on challenging the religious leaders; his experience was incontrovertible. He was unwilling to make theological-type comments, but he knew what had happened and was ready to stake his life on it. This final conversation with Jesus led him to the point of offering worship – not what we might today think of as ‘organised and culturally relevant in a sacred building’ type of worship, but the offering of a life ready to respond to the challenge of following Jesus.

So, following on from yesterday, here is another personal issue to be confronted – What did worship mean for you during the months of lockdown, and what might it mean for us as we rebuild our lives together in the future?

At core, it is valuing Jesus as worthy of the offering of our whole lives.

How do we express worship without the reassuring comfort of the usual building? Can we worship without the familiar sounds of guitar or keyboard? Is sitting round a table with a cup of coffee and a bun really worship? Or is worship so much more than corporate singing and listening to a sermon?

I dare you, try to define worship!

All I can say is that it is not a matter of knowing a lot of stuff, nor about visiting a particular building, nor even joining in with lots of others with singing and prayers going on. It relates to a relationship with Jesus and learning to value Him as the Lord of Glory.

Tuesday 5th October Daily Notes from the Hub