Read John 10:22-42

V 30The Father and I are one.

This simple statement was a step too far for the Jewish crowd. All they wanted to know was whether or not Jesus was the expected Messiah. (v 24).

They were looking for a Warrior/Messiah to throw out the Roman occupying force – so all this stuff about ‘The Good Shepherd’ just didn’t register. Then add into the mix His claim to be God – which they understood well enough to consider it blasphemy – and you have the making of a vicious conflict.

The writer’s initial statement in the opening verses of his Gospel, ‘So the Word became human and made his home among us’ (John 1:14), suddenly find a context, as does the announced reaction in John 1:14 He came to his own people, and even they rejected him.  

From this point on in the story we see it as more than just the story of God’s love, but the tragedy of God’s love rejected.

It was all too much for people bound by years of traditional religion that left no room for God-in-the-flesh.

This is the amazing story that we are still free to announce, but it often remains too radical for traditionally religious people to understand, and unbelievable for those who just want to make the world a better place. Leave this Jesus out of the reckoning and there really is nothing left for our divided and unhappy world  

Thursday 7th October Daily Notes from the Hub