Read John 15:18- 16:4

v 18.  If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first. 

And so we arrive at the small print at the bottom of the package!

You have probably learned to look out for the small print at the end of all the blurb about the goods you have bought. Like on the Peanut Butter jar that says ‘This product contains nuts’ – well, well, who would have thought it!

So Jesus warns His disciples that following Him, and learning to love other people, may well result in others hating them. Humph – that’s serious small print isn’t it. Did anyone tell you that when you decided to follow Jesus as a Christian disciple? Such hatred and antagonism is not inevitable of course – Jesus did begin by saying IF ..  – but it does happen, and you need to be aware of the possibility.

Some people might be challenged by our stand for honesty in our working environment as well as our open commitment to the Christian Church.

Others might feel you are pretending to be a Goody-Goody in order to gain some advantage in life, and that is often resented.

So Jesus tells the disciples this uneasy truth because it was what took Him to the cross. Jesus was hated for the stand He took for truth and His claim to be following the will of His Father in Heaven.

And that might be the very thing that causes problems for you.

But don’t be afraid, Jesus has passed that way too and He understands.

Friday 22nd October Daily Notes from the Hub