Read Matthew 6:5-6

Prayer is often practiced in a private place, unseen. We do not pray to impress others, but to be in touch with God.

Prayer is a two-way business. We talk to God, expressing thanks and praise as well as making requests. We also take time to listen; is God wanting to say something to us in the quietness of our private space.


Heavenly Father, I thank you for watching over me during the night. Keep me today from all that is hurtful to soul and body. Teach me to fear and love you above all things. Make me dutiful and loving to those I meet and to all who are placed over me. When tempted to be angry, may I remember that a soft answer turns away wrath. Help me by your Holy Spirit to shun bad company, to speak the truth at all times, and to be honest in will and deed. Bless all whom I love and help me to so live in this world that I may have everlasting life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.   AMEN


God of all goodness, grant me to desire ardently, to seek wisely, to know surely, and to accomplish perfectly your holy will, for the glory of your name.  AMEN


Gracious and holy Father, give me wisdom to perceive you, intelligence to understand you, diligence to seek you, patience to wait for you, eyes to behold you, a heart to meditate upon you, and a life to proclaim you, through the power of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, our Lord.  AMEN


Our Father God, whose purpose is to unite all things in Christ, I pray for the breaking down of barriers of misunderstanding between people of different races and colour, between employers and those who are employed, between the older and those who are young, between the successful and those who feel they have failed, between those who belong to the Church and those who remain outside. May the Spirit of your Son Jesus Christ, in bringing men and women to yourself, bring them closer to one another, for his name’s sake.  AMEN

Tuesday 30th November Daily Notes from the Hub